Friday, 17 August 2007

Subh Thae Vuddaa Sathigur Naanuk Jin Kul Raakhee Maeree

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh...

Just wanted to share this beautiful shabad from our Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, the first time I heard this, it penetrated my soul so deep and made me realise that we should not worry carelessly of things which are out of our control and understanding. In this world we are led to believe we are in control, able to make our own destiny and have power to make things happen when in essence it is Waheguru who does all and has already written our destiny. Whether this means we have happiness or sadness in our lives, it is all a part of Waheguru's divine plan.
Guru ji has told us that if we take one step towards him, God takes millions towards us. Hence, when reading the shabad we are told that if we become Waheguru's 'sevakh' we become deathless; lose fear of death and become fearless just like our Dasam Patshah Guru Gobind Singh Ji wanted us to be... to be Khalsa... to be Sant Sipahi's (Saint Soldiers).

Anyhow enough of me writing here is the shabad...

AMg 749

ang 749

Page 749

sUhI mhlw 5 ]

soohee mehulaa 5

Soohee, Fifth Mehl:

ijs ky isr aUpir qUM suAwmI so duKu kYsw pwvY ]

jis kae sir oopar thoon suaamee so dhukh kaisaa paavai

When You stand over our heads, O Lord and Master, how can we suffer in pain?

boil n jwxY mwieAw mid mwqw mrxw cIiq n AwvY ]1]

bol n jaanai maaeiaa madh maathaa murunaa cheeth n aavai

The mortal being does not know how to chant Your Name - he is intoxicated with the wine of Maya, and the thought of death does not even enter his mind. ||1||

myry rwm rwie qUM sMqw kw sMq qyry ]

maerae raam raae thoon sunthaa kaa sunth thaerae

O my Sovereign Lord, You belong to the Saints, and the Saints belong to You.

qyry syvk kau Bau ikCu nwhI jmu nhI AwvY nyry ]1] rhwau ]

thaerae saevuk ko bho kish naahee jum nehee aavai naerae

Your servant is not afraid of anything; the Messenger of Death cannot even approach him. ||1||Pause||

jo qyrY rMig rwqy suAwmI iqn@ kw jnm mrx duKu nwsw ]

jo thaerai rung raathae suaamee thinu kaa junum murun dhukh naasaa

Those who are attuned to Your Love, O my Lord and Master, are released from the pains of birth and death.

qyrI bKs n mytY koeI siqgur kw idlwsw ]2]

thaeree bukhus n maettai koee sathigur kaa dhilaasaa

No one can erase Your Blessings; the True Guru has given me this assurance. ||2||

nwmu iDAwiein suK Pl pwiein AwT phr AwrwDih ]

naam dhiaaein sukh ful paaein aath pehur aaraadhehi

Those who meditate on the Naam, the Name of the Lord, obtain the fruits of peace. Twenty-four hours a day, they worship and adore You.

qyrI srix qyrY BrvwsY pMc dust lY swDih ]3]

thaeree suran thaerai bhuruvaasai punch dhusutt lai saadhehi

In Your Sanctuary, with Your Support, they subdue the five villains. ||3||

igAwnu iDAwnu ikCu krmu n jwxw swr n jwxw qyrI ]

giaan dhiaan kish kurum n jaanaa saar n jaanaa thaeree

I know nothing about wisdom, meditation and good deeds; I know nothing about Your excellence.

sB qy vfw siqguru nwnku ijin kl rwKI myrI ]4]10]57]

subh thae vuddaa sathigur naanuk jin kul raakhee maeree

Guru Nanak is the greatest of all; He saved my honor in this Dark Age of Kali Yuga. ||4||10||57||

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